Back from Marystown, Newfoundland

I just got back from a two-week stay in Marystown, Newfoundland, where an old high school friend and her relatives put me up and offered me a taste of that proverbial Atlantic hospitality.It was an uneventful trip, just the way I wanted it to be. … [Read More...]

Baby Photos: My Next Project

I've started taking photography classes and have been spending an inordinate number of hours scrolling through pictures on Flickr, in search of inspiration for my next project... I think that this month I'll be using my PowerShoot a lot less … [Read More...]

nursing baby

Nursing Baby to Sleep: When Should it Stop?

Photo credit: Aurimas MikalauskasWomen of an older generation were sold to the idea that bottle-feeding was the way to go, and many still believe so: your decision to breastfeed is a personal choice that needs not be influenced by the persuasions … [Read More...]

Treating constipation in babies

Many of you are probably reading this and thinking “My baby is far from being constipated. How is that even possible on a diet consisting strictly of milk?!”Babies’ bowel patterns vary, and their stools can change in texture from one day to the … [Read More...]

baby hands

Cutting your baby’s nails

There’s no easy way of doing it. You’ve seen your baby’s fingers – they’re like cooked macaroni noodles. Still, baby’s nails need to be trimmed to keep them from scratching themselves. Here are some tips to guide you through the process. When? Some … [Read More...]

maurice sendak

Why your toddler says no all the time

There was an article in the Daily Mail recently that made me laugh out loud. I'll save you the read by summing it up in two lines: basically, a group of scientitsts from the Ohio State University are looking into a link between the bacteria in … [Read More...]